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About SierraSil

SierraSil® is the registered trade name for a pure natural mineral complex from a geologically unique mineral deposit in the US Sierra Mountains. The mineral was discovered northeast of Yosemite by a gold prospector who stumbled across something far more valuable – something that may assist the quality of life for people requiring  joint support related to activity or age.*

The gold prospector apparently observed animals coming to graze on this mineral deposit and tried it with their domestic animals including chickens and a dog. The results were good and eventually lead to people trying it for themselves.  There were reports of great results as usage spread, but the mineral remained untested by conventional modern methods for both safety and efficacy, that is until 2003.

In 2003, Sierra Mountain Minerals Inc was founded to test and commercialize this miracle mineral. Tests included human clinical studies as well as lab studies to assess safety and efficacy for supporting joint health. The research included safety tests using established protocols and clinical studies using well established indicators of effectiveness including WOMAC. The Mineral Miracle, by Dr. Shari Lieberman and Dr. Alan Xenakis, published in 2006 by Square One Publishers, chronicles some of the early research and applications for SierraSil.

The research suggests that the mineral structure of SierraSil® is responsible for its health promoting effects as very little of the daily serving is bio-available to your body. Due to its negatively charged and partial clay like structure, SierraSil® may support joint health.* These processes support good health including joint and muscle support.* However, due to the absorptive properties of SierraSil, consumers with known medical conditions and who are on medications, should consult with their physician prior to use, as the mineral in theory, could bind with and absorb medication if taken concurrently.

Following being recognized as one of North America’s fastest growing natural products of 2008 by the Nutrition Business Journal, we introduced a new look and color to our bottles and changed our operating name to SierraSil Health. The new bottles and color were more suggestive of the benefits of SierraSil®. Green represents life and health and the new stylized logo we hope suggests movement and action. By adding 14 to the product name, we hope to remind you of our promise; start feeling better in 14 days or less, guaranteed.  If for any reason, you are not happy with your SierraSil purchase, we will refund the product price for up to 60 days from purchase, with proof of purchase.

SierraSil Health is indeed honored to have tens of thousands of regular customers, many of who share their wonderful success stories with us directly or on social media. We have Health Canada approval in the form of Natural Products Numbers for all our products, US FDA Certificates of Free Sale, and independent verification by Informed Choice of the safety of SierraSil for athletes. For more information on SierraSil® or our Company, please contact us and/or explore this website further.